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About Green Street Radio

In every edition of Green Street News, Patti and Doug and our extensive network of experts bring you the latest environmental news and analysis, as well as in-depth stories based on interviews with physicians, public health experts, researchers, scientists, engineers, authors and advocates. From fracking to fluoride, GMO foods to pesticides and wireless radiation to synthetic turf fields, we cover the entire landscape of environmental health issues with depth and clarity. 

Podcast recording studio

The Green Street News studio

About the Hosts:

Environmental health expert and co-host
Podcast producer and co-host

Patti Wood

Patti Wood is a Visiting Scholar at Adelphi University where she lectures on the environment and related health issues in the School of Nursing and serves on the College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board for Environmental Studies. She is the recipient of the 2016 Children’s Environmental Health Excellence Award from the EPA, and author of Helping to Heal, a book for parents of children with serious illness. Patti is Executive Director of non-profit Grassroots Environmental Education. 

Doug Wood

Doug Wood is a filmmaker, author, composer and political strategist. He is the co-host and producer of Green Street News,  creator and director of numerous public relations campaigns, and the founder and national director of Americans for Responsible Technology. Doug has been elected twelve times to the Board of Directors of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

About the Music:

The show's opening theme music, "Funky Brothers," was written by Brian Wayy and Doug Wood. The show's closing music, "Fragile" was written by Doug with Patti playing the flute solo. All other tracks were written specifically for the show. Our old theme, which people still ask about, is called "Top Down," written by Doug and John Manchester. 

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