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Cracking the Havana Syndrome with Dr. Beatrice Golomb

A few years ago, U. S. diplomats serving in Havana suffered a series of strange physical symptoms and heard odd noises in the night. Now members of the intelligence community in Washington DC are suffering the same symptoms. Many scientists have theories, but Dr. Beatrice Golomb, director of the Golomb Research Group and Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego, knows what is going on: radio frequency radiation (the networks call it “pulsed energy) is being used as a weapon.

Interview starts at 16:50

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Aug 08, 2023

I need to prove that Havana Syndrome is happening in my home to me! My neighbors play creepy sounds, strong wind-like or electric-like energy that pushes my body literality back! They do it all night long and recently all day as well. I can not sleep at home. People think that I am crazy and I wish to prove them wrong! More importantly, I need it to end! Once when I tin foiled my common wall the neighbor that shares the wall on the flip side was screaming and cursing in Russian at 2:30 a.m. He figured out how to get around it after then.

Please help!


Karen P. Caruso

San Diego, CA 92130

858-847-2301 c 619-218-3733


Dec 09, 2022

Hi Dr. Beatrice Golomb, your contention that Havana Syndrome is due to radio frequency radiation. I have different view. I don't have experimental results to prove myself, i have reason that i am correct. My contention is that it was due to infrasound. I don't know which frequency of infrasound. If one is exposed to infrasound for long time, then symptoms of Havana Syndrome can be explained/verified. The directivity of sound can be verified on such a exposed person. On such person dizziness, disorientation etc. can be easily verified. I don't know if there is some data of infrasound pulse hitting a person. If intense infrasonic pulse hits any part of body then it results in intense pain because momentum…

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